Snap Happy

img_9679Gosh pen to paper is hard! Or should that be fingers to keyboard. I’ve being documenting my life through photos and social media since it all began. But never more so than when my twin boys showed up 18 months ago. That’s when things went intergalactic.

I am massively guilty of an over share. Tanith Carey wrote in Stella last year that the average parent will share 1000 posts of their kids by the time they’re five.


Even if I get a twin hall pass, 2000 images were easily shared on my (private) Instagram in the last 18 months. And I’m not sure how I feel about that for two reasons.

One; you can’t hide from the plethora of scare stories about sharing pics of your kids online, the need to protect their identity, not getting their opinion on sharing their pics. I put this down to the ‘add it to the list of a million things I need to worry about as a mum’ list. Something I would send myself silly over thinking about so I pop it to the back of mind.

Worry two does concern me more and that’s being a Mum Bore. The mum to normal person ratio on my Instagram feed is pretty much 50:50. I can still claim some cool city dwelling friends whose feed  is filled with holidays to Ibiza and dinners at the current cool pop-up (I couldn’t even name one… but that’s another post!). And I’m pretty sure the Fox’s latest tantrum isn’t that funny to them likewise the Bear’s latest obsession with his dolly.

So that leads me (finally) onto why I’m here. Because this my friends is my spot to obsess, brag, commiserate and congratulate myself on the wonder of my life. It’s mental and bloody hard work at times, but I love it. I really really do and sometimes you need a reminder of what you’ve been through.


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