Build a Cubby House in a Day

Do you know what a cubby house is? My kids had no idea (probably because there hasn’t been a Peppa Pig episode about one) but then I started thinking that maybe its just an Australian thing… anyway, we made one! And it’s awesome. AND it was completely free!

Unfortunately we had to say farewell to our three chickens who left for a farm (I know what you’re thinking, but they actually really did go to a farm I promise) – anyway this left us with an awkward dirt spot in our not very big garden. Plus we wanted to fill it with something fun to hopefully avoid too many ‘where have you taken our chickens?’ from the Fox and Bear….

So I drew this picture at 9am on Saturday morning



And, with a fair bit of work, swearing and a couple of fights, we had this by the evening

I’m pretty impressed!

In terms of how we did it, we are definitely wingers so there was no plan really (other than my beautiful sketch).

What we did do was collect all the bits of wood we had lying around and put them in a big pile so we could see what we had to work with.

The size of the MDF we were using for the floor dictated the overall foot print of the cubby. We also used our imaginations – the roof is actually made from two stair gates we no longer use (and won’t bother selling as we all know you get about 50p for kids stuff). Throw around some bunting and hey presto a little house for them to call there own.¬†Finally I think I’ll paint it but I’m unsure of a colour choice yet so watch this space!

A few things to note:

  1. We had to be super careful getting out all the nails and screws – there were all kinds of bits when using off cuts that would have hurt little hands
  2. The boys loved being part of the build – they have the little Bosch drill set from ELC which makes them feel like daddy (and allows daddy to actually use his drill). They are also surprisingly good at holding a cup and distributing screws while their daddy is fixing
  3. Once finished, they were on it straight away and a little fall told us we needed extra safety precautions for getting up and down the stairs. Hence the rope
  4. We kind of had to show them how to use it – I reckon older kids would have a blast straight away, but they were unsure. So we turned it into a shop with bits from the mud kitchen, then we gave them their tea in it… they got the idea soon after that
  5. It makes a great bike/scooter park when they’re at nursery!
  6. The cat is a fan


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